FolkMADS at UNM International Folk Fest

FolkMADS participated in the University of New Mexico International Festival on Apr 15, 2015 from 11:40-noon. Caller Erik Erhardt led the dance with student fiddler Joe Hay playing tunes. A large group of students, many in costume for their dances, joined this participatory “street style” dance.

Special thanks to Emily (first contact and lugging my heavy speaker), Stacey (making and printing flyers), Jessie (booth at festival), Ben B, Nate (and mom), Hamish, and many others who helped make this happen. We’re continuing to build our presence at the university and may soon have a student organization that can sponsor our campus dances.

20150416 UNM IntFolkFest
UNM International Folk Fest, Apr 16, 2015