Spotlight On Volunteers: Jenna Soherr

Jenna Soherr, FolkMADS local hero

Briefly introduce yourself and how you got involved in dance/music.
I got into dance and music as a child. I basically grew up at folkmads.

How and when did you get involved with FolkMADS? What encouraged you to contribute to our community?
My parents encouraged me to help out in the community.

What’s a contribution (or a few) you’ve made in FolkMADS that’s most meaningful for you and how has that contribution enriched your life?
I’ve been selling Raffle Tickets at the Memorial Weekend (FolkMADness) since I was around 8 years old and I have since then been trying to beat my record and have more or less taken control of the raffle area when Angela isn’t there.

I started helping out with the sound when I was in 8th grade and have since then continued because it’s fun and a great learning experience. Before I started helping with sound I just hung around the sound folks, later Steve Mills asked to see if I wanted to try helping out with sound and I have been since.

Other people that should be recognized:
Steve Mills and Bob Ford from sound.