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Our vision is sharing the living traditions of community-centered American and Western European folk music and dance in New Mexico.


We accomplish our vision by:

  1. Enjoying: We provide our community with fun, friendly, and inclusive weekly contra dances, monthly English country dances, annual dance and music camps, an annual English Ball, and other music and dance events that employ talented local and national musicians and callers.

  2. Sustaining: We unite our local performers with opportunities for personal growth and continued skill development through safe and supportive musician mentorship in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Megabands, caller mentorship in the New Mexico Callers Collective, and sound engineering mentorship with our sound technicians.

  3. Supporting: We invest in a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community by funding music- and dance-oriented scholarships, grants, and sponsorships to enrich our shared experiences and to help all members of our community participate as fully as possible.

  4. Educating: We promote happiness, health, and friendship by reaching out to neighboring communities and teaching them what we love about our living traditions.

  5. Cooperating: We work together and always show our appreciation for the valuable contributions of our many dedicated volunteers.

2016 Accomplishments

In 2016 the board worked tirelessly to keep traditional music and dance thriving in New Mexico in so many ways:

  • We played a key role in bringing you two great music and dance weekends: FolkMADness and Boo Camp.
  • We held the wonderful Sage Assembly, English Country Ball.
  • We found a new jamming location for our ABQ Megaband.
  • We fostered new musicians in old time music by supporting the ATC School in Santa Fe with a  grant to provide a concert and lessons by the Fast Peso Stringboard.
  • We provided scholarships for musicians to attend FolkMADness to encourage growth of our local bands.
  • We helped sponsor the dance events at Albuquerque Folk Festival.
  • We provided a grant to the FolkMADS-UNM Student chapter to support monthly contra dances on campus in the spring semester.
  • We continue training callers in contra and ECD in the NM Callers Collective.
  • We continue working on improving the quality of our events.
  • We continue working on streamlining and standardizing various Society processes.

Nonprofit Organization

The New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society (FolkMADS) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting and teaching traditional music and dance for all ages and backgrounds. FolkMADS sponsors Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos contra dances, Megabands, concerts, camps, and other special events.

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