Election Info

2017 & 2018 Board of Directors Election Information

FolkMADS is holding its annual election to select members to serve on the Board of Directors for 2017-2019. Lets start by thanking our board members that tirelessly served our community in 2016!

Continuing to serve as a Board of Director (Jan 2016 – Dec 2017)
Angela Welford
Deb Bluestone
Lisa Bertelli
Lucy Frey
Sol Lederman

Completed their service as a Board of Director (Jan 2015 – Dec 2016)
Erik Erhardt
Emily Ruch
Nancy Ford
Ben Werner
Stacey Chan
Bruce Thomson

There are six seats on the board open for election! Four community members have stepped forward to run for the board. See who they are and read their statements!

Bylaw Changes

We have two changes on the table.
Change 1:
In Article V. list of duties of the board of directors, add:
G. To determine which performers (bands, callers, and sound technicians) may be hired at FolkMADS sponsored events.
Change 2:
Change the election process to read as follows: For the purposes of leadership continuity, each year up to six (6) Directors shall be elected to two-year terms without exceeding eleven (11) total Directors, with additional candidates being elected to one-year terms. If more than six (6) seats are open for election, then candidates will be ranked by their vote scores; two-year terms are given to the six (6) candidates with the highest vote counts, and one-year terms are given for the remaining vacancies corresponding to election rules; ties will be resolved by personal concession or coin toss.
Note that deleted text is in red, while additions are in blue text to make them easier to find.


In 2016 the board worked tirelessly to keep traditional music and dance thriving in New Mexico in so many ways:

  • We played a key role in bringing you two great music and dance weekends: FolkMADness and Boo Camp.
  • We held the wonderful Sage Assembly, English Country Ball.
  • We found a new jamming location for our ABQ Megaband.
  • We fostered new musicians in old time music by supporting the ATC School in Santa Fe with a  grant to provide a concert and lessons by the Fast Peso Stringboard.
  • We provided scholarships for musicians to attend FolkMADness to encourage growth of our local bands.
  • We helped sponsor the dance events at Albuquerque Folk Festival.
  • We provided a grant to the FolkMADS-UNM Student chapter to support monthly contra dances on campus in the spring semester.
  • We continue training callers in contra and ECD in the NM Callers Collective.
  • We continue working on improving the quality of our events.
  • We continue working on streamlining and standardizing various Society processes.

We’re on a run. What can we do together in 2017 to increase the momentum? We need you to serve on our 2017 and 2018 Board of Directors. Run for one of the six board positions for a two year term. Come play with us and make next year the best year ever for New Mexico Music and Dance.

Online voting will commence November 19 and will be available through noon on November 26. Voting in person will be available at the Santa Fe dance on November 26.

More information is available in our bylaws but here is some important information, excerpted from the document:

Directors are elected by the members during the Annual Membership Meeting in November. Terms commence in January. Candidates for Director shall nominate themselves by submitting a statement of interest and qualifications to the Election Committee at least 15 days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. Statements from all candidates will be posted on the web site 10 days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. Directors-elect are expected to attend the regular Board Meeting in December, at which time Directors-elect will choose new Officers and select Chairs for all standing committees by consensus or vote if necessary. A Director may be assigned other duties, including Chairmanship of a Standing Committee.

The requirements for becoming a Director are:

  1. An interest in promoting the purpose of FolkMADS as set forth in section 3 of the Articles of Incorporation,
  2. Membership in FolkMADS, and
  3. Willingness to attend (in person or via phone) at least half of the board meetings.


New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society