Candidate Statements for 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Found below are the statements for the candidates for the 2018-2019 election. They are listed in alphabetical order. Online voting will open on Nov 18th and will remain open through noon on Nov 25th. In person voting will be available at the Santa Fe dance on Nov 25th.

While I’m new to Santa Fe and New Mexico, the Folk Music societies of the US have always been my home. My mother ran a contra dance for 20+ years in Arden, Delaware, and my father is an old time and bluegrass musician. I used to fall asleep to the sounds of old time jams, and on laps of friends at dances that went way past my bedtime.

Now I’m in my 30s, and I am dedicated to ensuring that folk music traditions live on. For the last 6 years, I was the Director of Marketing for Swallow Hill Music in Denver, where I saw my friends and family (and even myself) play on its multiple stages. I loved knowing that each day I was able to promote the wonderful music that has accompanied my life.

I’ve just moved to the Santa Fe area, and I’m eager to help keep the traditions going in a new state. I look forward to attending dances, workshops and camps, and working with each one of you. I offer my experience as a nonprofit professional and board member to FolkMADS, and hope to help share the living traditions of community-centered American and Western European folk music and dance in New Mexico.

Robin Gurule

I’ve been a dancer for 26 years, I’ve played in the Santa Fe Megaband for 8 years, and I’ve played in several other Contra bands, currently Roaring Jelly. For three years I was the Santa Fe Dance Host, and I currently book bands for Santa Fe dances.

Over this time I’ve come to appreciate how much FolkMADS has done to promote music and dance in New Mexico. Through the regular Contra Dances; as well as FolkMADness, Boo Camp and many other events; musicians, callers and dancers have been able to get together to dance and play music, grow and learn together and just plain have fun.

But this doesn’t just happen on its own — lots of work from lots of people behind the scenes makes this happen. My goal is to help ensure that FolkMADS can continue to provide these opportunities into the future. To do so, we need to support our volunteers to prevent burnout, encourage new musicians and callers, and operate in a fiscally sustainable fashion. I’d like to offer my experience as a dancer, as a musician, and as an accountant to help pay back all that I’ve received from the FolkMADS community.

Sol Lederman

I have served for three years on the FolkMADS board, including serving as president this year. 2017 was a “reset” year for the board where we prioritized the basic administrative and financial aspects of running the organization over taking on new initiatives. Our treasurer and dance committees to a great extent ran FolkMADS.

In 2018, whether I’m an officer or not, I’d like to revisit our priorities and move forward with efforts underway to improve the finances of our Santa Fe and Albuquerque dances, to improve communication with the dance committees, and to generally improve communication and feedback between dance organizers, musicians, dancers, callers, and sound folks. And, I’d like to recognize and continue to support the local dance committees who keep the dances running.

New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society