FolkMADS at UNM International Folk Fest

FolkMADS participated in the University of New Mexico International Festival on Apr 14, 2016 from 10:10-10:30. Caller Erik Erhardt led the dance with student band Rusty Tap.  The ensemble includes Juliana Huestis (fiddle), Russell Berman (guitar/mandolin), Kyle Dee (guitar), Ryuichi Nakayama (bass/vocals) and Clara Byom (piano/accordion/clarinet). Students and staff joined this participatory “street style” dance.

Special thanks to Cicely Ann Schuring, FolkMADS-UNM President, for arranging our participation in the event, for being there early to hand out business cards, and for pulling in dancers.

We’re continuing to build our presence at the University.  We’re looking for more student officers for the next year, as well as volunteers to help advertise and make connections for joint activities with other student organizations.

20160414 FolkMADS-RustyTap UNMInternationalFestival
FolkMADS-UNM at the UNM International Festival on Apr 14, 2016. Erik Erhardt calling with Rusty Tap, student band.