New Mexico Callers Collective (NMCC)

Our vision is to build a stronger sense of caller community in New Mexico. The NMCC focuses on a range of caller skills each month, as well as how to collectively improve our community skills at attracting and retaining new dancers while continuing to encourage excitement in our experienced dancers. We see community as key, a community of callers (and musicians and organizers) in support of the community of dancers.

The collective has a monthly meeting on the 2nd Friday during which members discuss a topic of choice over potluck snacks and then callers practice teaching and calling dances to recorded music. If you are interested in participating in the meetings as either a caller or a dancer please join us! We love our dance angels! Check the calendar for information regarding date/time and location of the next meeting.


The NM Callers Collective was organized by Erik Erhardt to help develop new callers and to enhance the skills of those already established in the area.  We are supported each month by generous dance angels who provide helpful feedback and are patient with us as we struggle and learn together.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Callers Collective please contact Erik or Ben.

A few resources

New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society