FolkMADS Contra Dance Etiquette Guidelines

We Welcome All Dancers!

Regardless of:

∙ Ability ∙ Age ∙ Gender ∙ Sexual orientation ∙ Race ∙ Creed

Anyone can dance with Anyone, and Anyone can ask Anyone to dance!
  • Women can ask Women, Women can ask Men, Men can ask Men, and Men can ask Women
  • It is recommended that new dancers dance with experienced dancers, this often will help the new dancer catch on quicker, and make dancing more enjoyable
  • Everyone has the right to decline an invitation to dance, without an explanation
We maintain a safe and comfortable space for everyone, both mentally and physically!
Our Dances are:
  • Free of harassment and discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, physical appearance, race, age, or other aspects of identity.
  • Free of racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or sexist language.
  • Free of Physical harm – if something is uncomfortable speak up! “that hurts”, “it would be more comfortable if you…”, or “please swing slower”

New Dancer Tips

  • If you make a mistake, or miss a figure, don’t worry about it—it’s all in fun! Instead of rushing through the botched figure, skip it and go on to the next. You’ll get many chances to practice each figure because all the moves in the dance keep repeating as you and your partner gradually move up or down the hall.
  • Eye contact can help with dizziness, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you can look at your partner’s nose or ear


If you are uncomfortable with someone’s behavior, please let them know. If you do not feel comfortable addressing them directly please talk to a FolkMADS board member.

Click on the thumbnail below to see our etiquette poster!

Etiquette Contra - FolkMADS

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