We rely on memberships to help us fund our dances, camps, and other events. Members receive a discount on admission to dances and camps, and our sincere gratitude! The discount for camp attendance is more than the membership fee. Sounds appealing?

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How does FolkMADS benefit you (its members) directly?

1. Members have access to the FolkMADS directory, released periodically.
2. Members receive discounts and other benefits at FolkMADS dances, special events, and some  dance camps. Sometimes a FolkMADS membership will allow members to get a discount at other sister organizations around the country.
3. Musicians who are FolkMADS members may borrow sound equipment for a related event at a very low cost.

What are some of the ways your membership fee benefits the FolkMADS community?

1. Combined with low cost admission to dances, memberships help pay the costs for FolkMADS dances and special events, including dance halls, musicians, sound operators, sound equipment, equipment upkeep and storage, promotion, web site, insurance for all dances, etc.
2. We are able to provide some assistance in training new dance callers, and musicians (especially aspiring young callers and musicians).
3. We are able to contribute towards scholarships to FolkMADS camps.
4. We have been able to offer support to like-minded events that offer traditional folk music and dance in New Mexico and thus support our own FolkMADS mission.
5. We are able to promote the FolkMADS music and dance events in NM and across the country.
6. We are able to provide an online calendar and website with information about our events and links to many more.


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