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C Tunes


Abe’s Retreat Angeline the Baker Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot Altamont Blackberry Jam – G
Angus Campbell Avalon Quickstep Big Scioty Billy in the Lowground Joys of My Life – G
Big John McNeil Buck Mountain Billy in the Low Land Chinese Breakdown Kitty McGee – D
Boys, The Buzzards Are Flying Calico Corn Blackberry Blossom Katydid Maggie Brown’s Favorite – G
Bull at the Wagon (3-part) Cowboy’s Dream Blackberry Jam (jig) Pike’s Peak Maggie Brown’s – G (chords)
Bussy’s Reel (D. Margolin) Dubuque Bright Girl (J. Mullany) Shootin’ Creek St. Lawrence Jig – D
Dance, Boatman, Dance Durang’s Hornpipe California Cotillion 4 Stone’s Rag Washington Square – A
Dinah Dusty Miller Chattanooga Texas Gals
Doggie Carpet Fiddler’s Reel Colored Aristocracy Nicole Fakoory’s / Gabrielle’s / Boston Life / Moll in the Wad / Spin ‘n’ Glow Cape Breton Jig Set: Nicole Fakoory’s / Gabrielle’s / Boston Life / Moll in the Wad / Spin ‘n’ Glow
Dry and Dusty Folding Down the Sheets Cowpies & Coffee (D. Margolin)

E Tunes

(the first 3 are the ones we’re learning)
Dudes & Nudes (D. Margolin) Grand Picnic Crockett’s Honeymoon Belled Cow Sheet music in PDF:
Hassle the Caller (H. Bradley) 1 Grasshopper Sittin’ on a Sweet Potato Vine Cuffy Email Reel (D. Margolin) Nicole Fakoory’s/Gabrielle’s
Henry Reed’s Breakdown Green Willis Daddy Didn’t Sleep All Night Dancing Bear (PDF here) Boston Life
Ice House Hawks & Eagles Ebenezer Frustration Reel (D. Margolin)
Jenny on the Railroad Illinois Rickett’s Hornpipe Flying Home to Shelley (Paul Gitlitz) 8
John Sharp’s Tune Jaybird Flowers of Edinburgh

F Tunes

K & D Contra Johnny, Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk Going Across the Sea Ross’s Reel
Little Billy Wilson Julianne Johnson Hobb Dye (crooked)
Mason’s Apron Kitty McGee (jig) Hollow Poplar

Dm Tunes

Old Kentucky Whiskey Lafayette Joys of My Life (jig) Balance in A (Bruce Thomson ’09)


One Pretty Penny (D. Margolin) Liberty Jimmy in the Swamp Oceans of Diamonds – D Amelia’s Waltz – D
Pretty Little Shoes Lizard Candy (D. Margolin) John Brown’s March

Am Tunes

Ook Pik Waltz – G
Rick’s Andromeda Reel (D. Margolin) Martha Campbell Lady of the Lake 28th of January Larry’s Waltz – G
Shady Grove New Toyota Last Chance Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies New Land Waltz – Dm
Shenandoah Falls Oklahoma Rooster Levi Jackson Rag Cold Frosty Morning Rocking the Babies to Sleep – D
Sweet Nell (J. Mullany & R. Pine) 2 Old Man, Old Woman Levi Jackson Rose 3 Ducks on the Pond Spokane Waltz – G
Three Thin Dimes Quince Dillon’s High D Maggie Brown’s Favorite (jig) Falls of Richmond Tourne, Tourne, Bebe Creole – D
Tom & Jerry Ragtime Annie Maggie Brown’s Favorite (chords) Grumbling & Growling Valse de Escoba – D
Washington Square – Jig Robinson County Meriweather Kitchen Girl
Waterbound Rocking the Babies to Sleep – Waltz Piney Woods Gal Sandy Boys
Ways of the World (3-part) Rose Tree Red Fox Edelweiss (recording is in Bb)

Specialty Tunes

Sally in the Turnip Patch Round the Horn

A mix Tunes

Sheet music in PDF:
Sally Smacked Me with a Flounder (Steve Mason) 7 Sandy River Belle June Apple Edelweiss (1st page in Bb)
Shuckin’ the Brush Sandy River Belle (orchestral version) Kerry Shuffle (R. Pine) 2 Edelweiss (1st page in D)
Shuffle About (Straight version) Swinging on a Gate Edelweiss (1st page in G)
Spotted Pony Temperance Reel Edelweiss (Bb – Doc’s sheet w/ whole tune)
Spring in the Valley Three Forks of the Sandy
Step Around Johnny Waldorf Reel Farewell Marian (waltz in D minor)
Valley Forge Waynesboro Sheet Music in PDF
Valsede Escoba – Waltz You Married My Daughter, And Yet You Didn’t
Waiting for Nancy
West Fork Gals
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Yellow Barber (w/Ragtime Annie)
Yellow Cat

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