Notorious: The Duo – Concert

You are invited to join us at 8:00 pm this coming Thursday evening June 4th for Notorious in concert at The Commons on the Alameda in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Tickets are $15 at the door.  Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger are in the neighborhood for the Albuquerque Folk Festival, so we get a special preview.  A few work scholarships are available in advance (only).  Contact Chris Kelly  about scholarships or email for directions if needed:

EDEN MacADAM SOMER- fiddle/vocals

LARRY UNGER – guitar/banjo:

Eden and larryLauded as “sparkling” and “exhilarating” Notorious musicians Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger present a thrilling musical experience in genres that span many continents. With Eden on fiddle and vocals and Larry on guitar and banjo, their music lights up the hall with rhythm and sonority. Their performances are always new and exciting, featuring traditional American, Celtic, and Eastern-European tunes and songs, swing, blues, classical music and the group’s original compositions. Notorious has been a featured ensemble at such festivals as Falcon Ridge, Wheatland, Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Eastbourne International Festival, the Savannah Folk Festival, Pinewoods, and the Augusta Music Festival. Notorious has also performed at the Kennedy Center of Washington D.C., on the Evening Under the Stars Concert Series at Southshore Conservatory of Hingham, Massachusetts, and for the Multi-educational Cultural Center for the Arts of Houston, Texas, and frequently dedicates time to performances and educational programs in schools. The band has also toured extensively, across the entire East and West coasts of the United States, to Alaska, and England. In addition to solo concerts, Notorious frequently works with orchestral ensembles, performs for folk and swing dances, teaches workshops, and participates in musical film collaborations.

Albuquerque Folk Festival 2015, June 5-6

Save $5 (print linked coupon) for FolkMADS members!

Come support many in our FolkMADS community who are leading workshops or playing in concerts at the Albuquerque Folk Festival — an opportunity to experience and participate in folk music, song, dance, and storytelling through educational workshops, demonstrations, and performances. Folk activities enhance community expression and the continuance of cultural traditions.

Abq Folk Fest Schedule (rough):
Fri 6/5 evening, concert, jamming, and camping
Sat 6/6 all day, with our FolkMADS contra at 7:30pm with the Abq Megaband and Erik Erhardt

FolkMADS at UNM International Folk Fest

FolkMADS participated in the University of New Mexico International Festival on Apr 15, 2015 from 11:40-noon. Caller Erik Erhardt led the dance with student fiddler Joe Hay playing tunes. A large group of students, many in costume for their dances, joined this participatory “street style” dance.

Special thanks to Emily (first contact and lugging my heavy speaker), Stacey (making and printing flyers), Jessie (booth at festival), Ben B, Nate (and mom), Hamish, and many others who helped make this happen. We’re continuing to build our presence at the university and may soon have a student organization that can sponsor our campus dances.

20150416 UNM IntFolkFest
UNM International Folk Fest, Apr 16, 2015

New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society